Conflict of Interest

Board of Directors should disclose potential conflict of interest in accordance with the company code of conduct.

Whistle Blowing

The company has a blowing policy comes into action when the employees has a suspicion. Such as insider trading, Money laundering…

Related Parties Transaction

The Company has developed the related parties’ transactions guidelines & procedures to be followed by the company to identify, review, approve & disclose related parties transactions.


The compliance function will be responsible to put in place a framework for the compliance with the laws & regulations.

Internal Audit & Internal Control

Financial, operation, legal & compliance audits & reviews.

Risk Management

 Is to control market, liquidity, credit & operation risk incurred by MIC with a view of preventing unacceptable losses.

Anti-Money Laundering

The AML unit will be responsible to address & discharge the company’s responsibilities in respect to anti-money laundering & combat of terrorist financing.