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Massaleh Investments K.S.C

With 40 years of market experience as an investment management company, Massaleh Investments is supervised by the Central Bank of Kuwait for its financing activities and the Capital Markets Authority for its security activities. Massaleh Investments has managed to engage a myriad of clients to reach their long-term financial goals. Since 1982, we have continuously delivered quality investment opportunities, provided our clients with steady capital appreciation, and boasted a strong track record in creating value for our investors. We are proud to have built one of the longest-tenured wealth management companies in Kuwait. The strength of our organization lies in our consistency, reliability, and transparency; our top priority is our clients’ financial success. Massaleh Investments’ diverse client base includes ultra-high-net-worth institutions, family offices, and individuals.

Massaleh Vision

Massaleh Investments’ vision is to establish an environment of client centric investment professionals who provide advice and counsel in a result-oriented manner.  At Massaleh Investments we strive to manage portfolios focusing on protection of capital and providing risk adjusted returns to clients.  


Massaleh Mission

Massaleh Investments’ mission is to serve as a leader in the field of investments, enabling our clients to reach constructive long-term outcomes to their respective investments with innovative investment products not commonly available.  Massaleh Investments is committed to satisfying the unique objectives of each client by providing investment solutions customized to individual needs and help achieve aimed targets. 



Massaleh Core Values

Massaleh Investments fulfills its mission and vision by earning the trust, respect, and loyalty of our clients.  Our goal is to handle all client’s needs with honesty, integrity, compassion, fairness, and diligence while offering cutting edge services in all aspects of investments we offer. 

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