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Board of Directors


Ahmed Al Saleh

Chairman & CEO


Mishal Al-Musallam

Vice chairman


Bader Al-Ghanim

Board Member


Fawaz Al-Roudhan

Board Member


Abdulwahab Alhalabi

Board Member


Board of Directors & Team

The role of our Board of Directors is to act as a steward on behalf of the shareholders of the firm. To fulfill this role, the board is responsible for setting out the overall strategic direction of the firm and for engaging with management to oversee the firm’s activities.

The Massaleh Investment Code of Conduct for Board of Directors (add link)

Board of Directors.



Ahmed Fawzi Musaad Al-Saleh

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Al-Saleh graduated from Boston College in USA with major in Operations Strategic Management and Applied Statistics. He owns various responsibilities across several companies under Musaad Al Saleh Group, a conglomerate based in Kuwait with a global presence across diversified sectors and asset classes.  Ahmed Al-Saleh has been responsible in managing international funds since the year 2000. The investments are across diversified sectors across various geographical regions spanning from the US, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. His experience spans across identifying potential investment opportunities that are not commonly available in the market whether it be managed funds, individual direct investments, or mezzanine funds and to thereafter lead investment by soliciting along with HNI and related party institutions


Dr. Ali El-Hakim

General Counsel

An investment and corporate banking executive, general legal counsel, and government advisor, with a career and experience of over 35 years established at international and local banks and investment institutions in Kuwait. Dr. El-Hakim gained his PhD in International Law from the University of Cambridge -1977, and his Master’s degree in International Law from University College London -1971.

Dr. El-Hakim served at the Kuwait Investment Authority as Head of Legal for many years, and was employed at HSBC Kuwait between 2006-2011 as Managing Director Global Banking and Markets. In this role, he was responsible for HSBC’s overall corporate, investment banking and asset management platforms in Kuwait. Currently, Dr. El-Hakim serves as General Counsel and Executive Director for Musaad Al-Saleh & Sons Group.


Abdullah Faisal Al-Mutawa

Iinvestment Manager – Assets Management

Mr Al-Mutawa graduated from University of San Francisco in the US with a Bachelor in Business Administration. He commenced his career with Gulf Bank, Kuwait and thereafter moved to Massaleh Investments where he is responsible for portfolio management on listed portfolios. He collaborates with a team of in-house and external analysts and researchers to research financial information in order to make the best investment decisions on behalf of clients.


Bobby Abraham Mathew

Chief Risk Manager

Mr. Mathew has industry experience of over 25 years in Portfolio Management, Corporate Finance and Risk Management. He is a licensed Chartered Investment Manager of the Canadian Securities Institute and is licensed by The Capital Markets Authority of Kuwait.

Mr. Matthew commenced his professional career with ANZ Grindlays Bank in India and thereafter worked in various governmental and private entities in Kuwait before joining Massaleh Investments. He served for KCIC, the consultancy firm of Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, as the lead Financial Consultant. He has also led various financial studies on mega projects planned by the Government of Kuwait.

Mr. Mattew has Masters in Finance, is a qualified Chartered Accountant from India and is also a Financial Risk Manager Certified by the Global Association of Risk Professionals GARP USA. He is also an alumni of Harvard Business School Executive Education program.

Moataz Shokry

Finance Manager

Moataz Shokry

Chief Financial Officer

Moataz has over 17 years of accounting, budgeting, auditing, consolidated financial, IF RS, US GAAP, costing, corporate reorganization, debt restructuring, capital reconstruction, and many other aspects of the financial field.

Moataz began his career as an external auditor for an international association member firm that provides audit and assurance services worldwide, working with various clients in the education, investment, automotive, constructions, real estate, oil, and manufacturing sectors in the State of Kuwait.

Moataz held executive positions in prominent stock brokerage firms, holding and investment groups before joining Massaleh Investments in 2017.

Moataz gained his experience from solving day-to-day operational issues, helping entities implement proper accounting and costing systems that help corporations diagnose and strengthen their systems' weakness points, leading them to turn their losses into profits.

Moataz holds a bachelor's degree in Accounting from Alexandria University, Egypt, certified in IFRS from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, London, UK. Also, he is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licensed in North Dakota, USA.

Bashae’r Bader Alomar

Compliance Manager

Ms. Alomar commenced her career working at the Industrial & Financial Investment Company as Operation Manager for 8 years. She joined Massaleh Investments in 2007 and has held various positions including Operations Manager, Human Resources Manager, Internal Auditor Coordinator and Compliance Officer. She re-joined Massaleh Investments Company again in 2017 as Assistant Chief Executive Officer.

Ms. Alomar graduated from Kuwait University with a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering in 1999. She registered as a compliance manager with the Capital Market Authority in March 2018.


George Salamah

Internal Audit Officer


Mr. Salamah currently works as an Internal Audit Office at Massaleh Investments. He has over 12 years of experience in his field and has served many companies within different sectors. He holds a bachelor degree in accounting


Organizational Structure & Committees


In compliance with the Capital Market Authority’s (CMA) regulation, the Board of Directors at Massaleh Investments constituted several committees including an audit committee, risk committee, and nomination & remuneration committee. The aim of these committees is to support the Board of Directors to execute their strategic plans and realize their goals.



Massaleh Investment Company constituted several committees, audit committee, risk committee and nomination & remuneration committee. Those committees will help the board of directors to accomplish their roles & plans. As per Capital Market Authority the audit committee shall meet at least 4 times a year & a periodic meeting with the external auditor, the risk committee shall meet at least 4 times a year, the nomination & remuneration committee shall meet at least once a year.

Audit Committee

Duties and responsibilities

• Review the quarterly and annual financial statements.

• Provide the BOD the recommendation regarding appointing or change the external auditor and defining the fees.

• Follow up the work with the external auditor.

• Review the internal audit reports.

• Study the applied accounting policies and express its opinion and recommendations to the Board of Directors in this regard.

• Assess the adequacy of internal control systems and shall prepare a report detailing the Board Audit Committee’s opinion and recommendation in relation thereof.

• Supervise the internal audit department in the company in order to verify its effectiveness in executing its duties and activities as defined by the Board of Directors.

• Recommend the appointment, transfer and discharge of the Head of Internal Audit as well as assessing his/her performance and the performance of the internal audit department.

• Review and approve the proposed internal audit plan and express any notes.

• Review the results of the internal audit reports and shall ensure that the proper corrective action has been taken in relation to any issues raised therein.

• Ensure the company’s compliance with the related and applicable rules, policies, regulations and instructions.

• Review proposed deals and transactions with related parties and provide its recommendation to the Board of Directors in relation thereto.

• In case of any conflict between Board Audit Committee’s recommendations and the Board of Directors resolutions, including when the Board of Directors refuse to follow the committee’s recommendations regarding external and/or the internal auditors, the Board of Directors should include reference to such conflict in the Corporate Governance report, including specifying the recommendations and the reasons for not following them.

• Raise issues which may affect risk management of the company to the Board Risk Management Committee for timely their review and consideration.

• Coordinate with the Board Governance Committee in regards to any non-compliance incidents with the governance manual.

Nomination and Remuneration Committee

Duties and responsibilities

• Recommend the nomination and re-nomination of BOD members, other board committee members.

• Review the qualification and skills required by CMA for the board member.

• Set a clear remuneration policy for the Board of Director, Executive Management and employees.

• Review the remuneration policy annually.

• Suggest the nomination and re-nomination of Board of Directors members (including independent members) for election by the General Assembly, and shall ensure the independence of independent members.

• Review on an annual basis the required skills which are suitable for the Board of Directors’ membership, attracting those willing to fill executive positions as required, and reviewing these requests taking into consideration the Capital Markets Authority’s integrity and competency instructions and requirements.

• Establish the job description for executive, non-executive and independent board members.

• Publish an advertisement in at least two daily newspapers where the application for Board of Directors’ membership shall be available for a period of two weeks from the date of advertisement.

• Develop a clear remuneration policy for Board of Directors’ members and the Executive Management members.

Risk Management Committee

Duties and responsibilities

• Prepare and review the risk management strategies and policies.

• Assist the board of director in identifying and evaluating the risk tolerance level of the company.

• Ensure that the risk management employees are independent from activities that result in exposing the company to risks.

• Prepare periodic reports about the nature of the risks which the company could face.

• Ensure the availability of adequate systems and resources for risk management.

• Assist the Board of Directors in identifying and evaluating the risk tolerance level of the company, and shall ensure that the company does not exceed that level after its approval by the Board of Directors.

• Review the organizational structure of the risk management, and develop recommendations before approving it by the Board of Directors.

• Ensure that the risk management employees have a comprehensive understanding of the risks surrounding the company, and shall work on increasing employees’ awareness of the risks and related knowledge.

• Review the issues that are raised by the Board Audit Committee, which may affect risk management of the company.



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